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If you’ve fallen in love with the fresh taste of Willy’s Fresh Salsa, you might have wondered, just who is Willy? Who is behind these great-tasting, healthy salsas?

Well, it turns out that the man behind Willy’s Fresh Salsa isn’t named Willy after all—he’s Dennis. His salsa had been a hit with family and friends for years, and many of them urged him to try selling his salsa to the general public, but it wasn’t until he tasted a coworker’s bland store-bought salsa that he decided he was meant to make the best salsa on the planet.

At one point, Dennis owned a restaurant called Willy’s Home Cooking—a name he selected because he thought it sounded fun, though it got some people to start calling him Willy. And when he decided to start selling his refrigerated salsas, he chose to carry over that same name to his salsa brand.

Dennis is the heart and soul behind Willy’s Fresh Salsa, working hard to start a company that wouldn't compromise on quality. His retirement is well deserved, and the people he trusts the most are continuing on his passion for producing salsa meant to bring friends and family together. One taste, and you’ll know for yourself.