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It’s been an exciting journey since Willy’s Fresh Salsa was first introduced in 2006. Since then, we’ve seen more and more people discover for themselves just how delicious our great-tasting healthy salsa can be! But what does the future hold for Willy’s Fresh Salsa?

It helps by looking at how far we’ve come. Willy’s Fresh Salsa started in our founder's kitchen. As demand grew we were able to expand into our own manufacturing facility, allowing us to distribute nationwide! We have a third party food safety audit each year passing with flying colors and we're even a military approved food manufacturer! 

Willy’s Fresh Salsa is available nationwide. If Willy's isn't in your favorite store yet, send us an email at willys@willyssalsa.com and let us know!

As one of the fastest growing refrigerated salsas in the country, Willy's Fresh Salsa should soon be on every store shelf, but the voices of avid fans speak louder than any sales pitch.