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As Willy’s Fresh Salsa has grown, we’ve introduced several great new flavors, such as our Just Peachy Salsa and our Black Bean 'N Corn Salsa. But for many of us, nothing beats a classic. And here, that brings us back to where it all began—with Willy’s Fresh Salsa Original Mild.

It all starts with using the best ingredients. Everything from tomatoes and cilantro to garlic and onions comes to us in perfect condition—most of it from local suppliers—to guarantee the best possible flavor and texture. These ingredients are refrigerated (never boiled) in order to preserve their great, natural flavor, so that our salsas always taste like you just blended the freshest ingredients from your own garden. Our focus on ingredients also makes Willy’s Fresh Salsa Original Mild a healthy, gluten-free snacking choice in a world filled with unhealthy, artificial snacks.

Better yet, our salsas comes in multiple varieties to accommodate the level of spiciness you’re willing to try. Whether you’re feeling bold and adventurous enough to try our spicy “Hot” variety or prefer the more laid back “Mild” version, one taste will allow you to see for yourself why our Original Mild continues to be a household staple.